Monday, May 19, 2008

61st Cannes Film Festival

Other "goings on" include celebrities that got all dolled-up for the 61st Cannes Films Festival. Let's take a peek!Things that make you say hmm........ It coulda worked.....but not on her. Nice try Star Jones. I must say, it's not THAT bad, but come on.......
Good look Angie! Angelina Jolie is looking more chic than usual. Looks like this pregnancy agrees with her. It sure seems to be affecting her fashion sense in a positive manner.
I just HAD to add this one! Eva Longoria is looking GORGEOUS as usual.

Diddy showed up at the screening of the film "Two Lover's" During the festival and he's looking suave as usual.

The Rogan Looks

Here's a peak at what the celebs showed up in Beverly Hills to see!

Celebs at Rogan Gregory Debut

Quite a few celebs showed up for the launch of Rogan Gregory's new line for Target. The launch party was at Barney's in Beverly Hills on Thursday.Sanaa Lathan is looking quite glamourous. She pulls off that yellow look quite well.
Gabrielle Union posing for the camera's.
Zoe looking cute....but unfortunately the dress makes her look quite poochie around the mid-section.
Joy bryant made an appearance, looking quite formal.

Gabrielle Union and Zoe Saldana chat inside at the launch party.