Monday, February 4, 2008

Stars at Fashion Week in New York

Lots of stars showed up backstage, at parties and in the front rows for fashion week. Some looking trendy, some outdated, some just blah. Kim, Kim, Kim,.... the outfit, somewhat questionable, but not necessarily the worst part of the look. Let's talk about that makeup, hun, really, it's looking rather pastey.
Lisa Raye, or should I say grandma, along with friends.
Ashanti works the red carpet for the Hearth's Truth Red Dress show, which raises awareness of heart disease in women.
Amerie looking quite classy and for once, someone that didn't pose where their bag was overpowering them in the photo.
Amerie also stopped by the BCBG show.
Joy Bryant, keeping warm, while staying cute.
Vivica Fox......... was she under the impression that she was going to be in Vegas rather than fashion week in New York?

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